Wireless Solutions

We are very proud to be a supplier of Aruba Networks, one of the most prestigious companies in the UK when it comes to wireless Solutions.

So, if you are looking to connect your business with intelligent mobility, we can help build this for you to transform your business into an efficient all-wireless workplace.

The all-wireless workplace enables communication anywhere and delivers business apps everywhere people work. It supports BYO everything and does it securely and reliably. It also makes life simpler for IT with automation and centralised management.

Instead of spending more money on expanding their wired networks, many of our customers have invested in an all-wireless workplace and enjoyed great savings. Unifying business communications creates the most flexible working environment with increases in productivity and collaboration.

Solutions in Primary Education.

Digital learning boosts student achievement and is vital to the modernisation of school curriculums and long-term success of educators. The next-generation classroom lets everyone thrive when they use Wi-Fi-enabled devices and apps that create a richer learning experience

Wi-Fi-enabled Chromebooks, iPads and laptops are everywhere in the classroom. But they’re only as reliable as the infrastructure they connect to. That’s why it’s so important to have a robust Wi-Fi network that can handle everything you throw at it.

Create an inspiring and impactful classroom Wi-Fi experience with rich instructional videos and compelling interactive learning. Block inappropriate content while prioritising online testing, curriculum and other critical learning applications.

Solutions in Higher Education

Campus wide mobility, enabled by advances in enterprise Wi-Fi, gives students a better shot at success by improving collaboration and learning. As universities and colleges break new ground in early technology adoption, the network has become the focal point for radical change.

To deliver the performance that students need in crowded academic environments, like lecture halls, and media-rich surroundings, like dormitories, a robust 802.11ac Wi-Fi network is a must-have to support the proliferation of personal mobile devices. Using the custom-branded captive web portal gives alumni, potential students and visiting scholars secure Wi-Fi access without burdening the IT helpdesk. It personalises the guest experience and is an ideal place to promote campus events, services and amenities.


As hospitals and clinic scramble to meet the growing demand for personalised healthcare, mobile enterprise networks become the foundation to deliver a more meaningful and positive experience – one that physicians, nurses, administrators, patients and their families can rely on.

Boost your hospital’s health by integrating Wi-Fi, role-based access control, and mobile apps into one seamless solution. You’ll be able to secure and prioritise critical-care apps while ensuring that patients and guests enjoy a first-rate healthcare experience.

The next-generation 802.11ac Wi-Fi delivers fast, always-on access you can count on. Whether you’re in the office or at the point of patient care, Aruba Wi-Fi ensures that critical healthcare devices and apps always get priority treatment.

Financial Services

Being able to create a trusted mobile workplace where you can respond to fast changing markets and work collaboratively with clients and colleagues and securely access data is a huge benefit as you will remain in full compliance with security requirements while satisfying the ever changing demands of industry regulators.

Financial services require aggressive entitlement and policy controls to ensure workplace security and regulatory compliance. Advanced policy definitions offer the controls you need to handle dynamic new mobility workflows across wireless and wired.

We give financial services IT a central decision point to share contextual data with MDM/EMM, helpdesk, SIEM, threat-defense, and other systems. RESTful APIs and data feeds orchestrate workflows so everything works as a stronger, more coordinated system.


Now you can create an unforgettable in-store shopping experience – one that keeps customers coming back for more, strengthens your point of purhcase influence and improving your bottom line.

Give customers another good reason to visit your brick-and-mortar store instead of shopping online. Location-aware mobile apps help them quickly find the merchandise they’re looking for and discover new products and services along the way.

Up-level your customer engagement efforts by tempting shoppers with special offers through their smartphones. They simply join your in-store Wi-Fi, download your mobile app, and opt-in to get exclusive push notifications about their favorite products.

Behind every successful storefront is an efficient back-end operation. And nothing’s more heavenly for your backend than self-configuring, self-healing Wi-Fi powered by the cloud. No need to send Wi-Fi technicians to every store


Let guests connect with anyone and everything at your venue and untether your staff so they can assist visitors anywhere on your property. Keep guests personally engaged during their stay with mobile apps that inspire them to explore and discover all your venue has to offer.

Welcome your guests through a custom-branded captive web-portal where they can get secure Wi-Fi access while you impress them with ads and special offers about your venue. It’s also where you can inspire them to download your venue’s custom mobile app

Venues come to life when guests use your custom-branded mobile app. From the comfort of their smartphones, they can get turn-by-turn directions to amenities and relevant push-notification offers based on their opt-in preferences and real-time location.

Go wireless with a secure, PCI-compliant infrastructure that reliably handles mobile booking, check in, point-of-sale, housekeeping, maintenance, engineering and other property management apps. We even prioritize critical video surveillance traffic.

Help your guests explore, shop, dine, and play. Location-aware mobile apps show them where they’re at and point the way to in-venue activities and services and who doesn’t enjoy VIP treatment? Reward guests with personalised push-notification offers based on their preferences and location on your property.


Government institutions are pulling the plug on wired networks and enabling employees and constituents to go mobile. Why? Because it’s more secure than wired, streamlines business and administrative processes, reduces operating costs and increases productivity.

Our all-wireless solutions feature strong government-grade security to protect information at every level. Serve the public across a trusted wireless infrastructure that delivers mobility to government centers and remote service facilities.

Phase out wired ports, go all-wireless, and save taxpayers money to boot. It eliminates wasteful, inefficient legacy technology and lets government redirect the savings to create a more productive modern infrastructure.

If you’re not careful, mobility can take you down a twisted, perilous path. Doing it right requires an Adaptive TrustTM approach that strengthens security, automates workflows, leverages context-aware policies, and meets government compliance mandates.

If you think a Wireless Solution would fit with your company or organisation please contact our experts for more information