Why use CCTV?

MTL supplies and installs CCTV using state of the art systems by Avigilon and QVIS.

Did you know there are 452,000 domestic burglaries with entry and 293,000 attempted break ins per year and 8.9 million crimes experienced by 15% of households per annum. So it makes perfect sense to monitor your home or business to protect your staff, family, assets and anything and everything where security is important.

Get unparalleled image detail with an Avigilon high-definition surveillance system. The award-winning software combined with a broad range of megapixel cameras deliver superior image quality and maximum coverage. ~One 29MP Avigilon camera can cover the same area as up to 95 traditional analog cameras.

The High-Definition Stream ManagementTM (HDSMTM) technology preserves complete image integrity through visually lossless compression, while intelligently managing bandwidth and storage.

The Avigilon system is smart and intuitive and easy to use. Find scene changes, missing objects and events with Avigilon Control Center – the industry’s quickest high-definition video search. You will have full control over surveillance video playback, allowing you to quickly retrieve evidence and speed up response times and investigations.

Designed with openness in mind, Avigilon Control Center recognises any Avigilon or third-party IP camera and works seamlessly with your access control, intercom, external alarms or POS systems. Plus, our cameras work with other leading VMS platforms.

You can add camera after camera with almost no increase in bandwidth, servers or hardware.

Reduce your costs with an Avigilon high-definition surveillance system. No annual software licensing fees. Free 24/7 technical support. Replace countless VGA cameras with one Avigilon high-definition camera. And reduce training time with our easy-to-use system.

And if you’re still not ready to make the full transition to network IP cameras? No problem. With our open system and the world’s best value analog encoder, you can still use your existing analog cameras and scale up when you’re ready

End to end it is simply the most powerful surveillance system.

The QVIS system has now been granted NSI gold accreditation and offers a comprehensive range of professional monitoring services.