Phones and System Hardware

The features of the latest handsets and the hardware can
literally transform your telecoms. Why not let us review your
telecoms functionality?Marshland Telecom voice and data
Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • A System Proposal based on precisely how your business
    operates highlighting where weak spots exist and how you
    can remedy them.
  • A System costed to deliver the very
    best value to your business
  • We only work with trusted
    suppliers who are recognised leaders.


Marshland Telecom voice and data

Networking and Cabling

Cabling can be the cause of
system problems, without you
knowing why. Poorly installed cables often fail to meet

speed and reliability requirements.

We’ll deliver:

  • Specification fit to service your data requirements
  • Professionally installed data network designed to
    meet your particular business needs
  • Specialists in data and voice connectivity



Marshland Telecom voice and dataWe don’t do telecoms and data like anyone else! Our mission is to provide businesses throughout the UK with great, innovative telecom and data solutions at the very best prices, whilst delivering a unique level of dedicated and friendly service by our team trained to the highest industry standards.

Whatever your voice and data requirements, we’ll help you get it right.

We want your business to benefit from all the great products and technology we can offer and will tailor systems and solutions directly to your requirements. Every business is different, from a large multinational to a single user so we take the time to work out exactly what you need to ensure you run as efficiently as possible, to stay on top of your game.

Providing 24.7 cover, you will never be left without support and emergency back up. Our commitment to service is genuine. With a game changing 30 day agreement, there is no long fixed contract as with our competitors.

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We endeavour to call you within an hour.

Your business deserves the best. We’re here to give you just that. We don’t make false promises, we just take great care to give you exactly what you need at the best value price and the best support.


If your premises need protective
surveillance or you need bespoke
usage to stream live footage for
operations, training etc we can support
you with technical camera expertise: Marshland Telecom voice and data

Get connected with:

  • Affordable analogue and IP cctv cameras
  • Remote access to monitor your business
    away from site either on your home
    computer or your smart phone
  • Range of packages to suit the needs of all
    kinds of businesses


Marshland Telecom voice and data